London on Sunday

Actually, it's Tuesday - but my cousin started writing a song for me about flying to London on Sunday, so I thought that would be a great title to my latest post.

Adrienne and I arrived safely to our Stamford Street residence - home for the next five weeks - yesterday. The flight was uneventful - except for some up-chucking by the lady next to Adrienne as soon as we landed.

I wasn't impressed with AA: they didn't show any of the movies they promised in their in-flight magazine, the in-flight entertainment system itself hasn't been upgraded since the 80's. Really, I remember sitting on the arm rest as a child straining to see the small box TV screens while mom and dad slept, that was 20 years ago. They only came through the cabin once with landing cards - so if you were snoozing, too bad. There wasn't a vegetarian option unless you requested it in advance. BUT - they got us here safely, and that's what matters.

Yesterday feels like a dream, I was in such a daze - even after sleeping the whole flight. It was just one of those sleeps where you know you got some, but it didn't register with your mind. So, bedtime came early last night.

I was up at 4am - mind racing. I forced myself back to sleep and got up at 7:30, excited for my first London run this summer...it was raining. And I forgot my raincoat. Bummer. Change of plans. Umbrella. Coffee run.

As I stood in line at Starbucks at Waterloo, in my workout gear, watching all the business men and women briskly walk by, it hit me again - I feel most "at home" anywhere but my passport country.I'm noticing a theme and if you've read any of my blog before you might have noticed too.
I have to live abroad.

Now I'm thinking about what to put on our "to do" list today. Several of the other faculty arrive later this afternoon, that will be great, adn hopefully that means more hands to help out! We shall see.