My first house...

I bought a house.


I know...big commitment.

I need to put some pictures up, I realize this. The problem is that so far the only time I've had to get over there since closing last week is at night. And let's face it, night starts at 6pm these days so there's no time for sunshine during the week when work is from 8-5. I don't want to take night time pictures. This weekend it will happen though. Photos will happen and so will A LOT OF PAINTING.

I was able to knock out my bedroom and bathroom ceiling, all the trim in those areas, doors to my bedroom and bathroom - in two hours tonight. By myself...with an inflamed sciatic nerve, don't ask about that, it's a sore subject. Or, as a friend said more eloquently, "it's a pain in the ass".

Backing up - closing went well. I mean, I've only been to one, so I guess it went well. Everyone seemed happy. Kim was SO awesome and came with me. I was feeling pretty nervous (not sure why, I was only signing my life away) beforehand and once I knew she would be there for moral support I felt a lot better. The person collecting all the signatures said I "cracked her up" because I was so calm...what was I supposed to do?

This happened during the session-of-signing-my-life-over:

Seller's realtor: "were you three (Kim, me and Sharee, one of the sellers) in the same sorority in school?"

Us: "Yes"

Seller's realtor: "oh that's so wonderful. What sorority?"

Us: "Alpha Delta Pi"

Seller's realtor: "I was an ADPi!"

So awesome.

This weekend is HALLOWEEN! Hopefully I'll find time to dress up and have a bit of fun too! Maybe I'll go as a homeowner, covered in paint...(lame?)

Goals for this week and weekend: TAKE PICTURES. Finish the ceilings in all rooms, trim all over house, and tape down. Perhaps prime in as many areas as possible if all of the above gets done...I'm hoping my friends will come help!

Then, Mr. Thomas (Kim's dad) is coming to help a few days next week - YES! I am forever indebted to that family. I love them as my own. Aw.

Wish me luck!

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