My five year plan...

A friend was telling me about her five year plan today (or lack thereof) and it made me wonder what mine would look like. So I've decided to write one:
  • I'd like to successfully run the Rock'n'roll half marathon in Nashville in April (this year). 
  • I'd like to be in a new role professionally in the next two years - whether that's a new position at Southern Miss or elsewhere is undeclared. And "elsewhere" can also be defined as back in school fulltime working towards another degree.
  • I'd like to cook my way through Julia Child's cookbooks...

Okay so it turns out writing a 5-year plan isn't super easy to put out there. I keep thinking of things I need want to do around the house this year:
  • I'd like to clean out my garage or hold Markus to his promise to do it for me 
  • I'd like to finally donate those bags of clothes in the spare bedroom
  • I'd like to finish whatever-it-is I'm going to do with my new piece of furniture starting with a piece of glass for the top
  • I need to call the chimney-man to look at this mold-like stuff growing from the bricks in my living room
  • I'd like to clean out my storage shed in the backyard
  • I'd like to re-do the kitchen cabinets (but that's for sure a longer-term goal)
  • I'd like to remove the carpet in the living room/foyer
  • I'd like to build a pantry closet in the laundry room or continue to beg Dad to come do it one summer.
  • I'd like to finally do something with the hundreds of letters my mom wrote my grandmother every day she was abroad during their first few years.

Maybe I should stick to a bucket list rather than a timeline of goals?
  • I want to take another Asian vacation while my folks are still in Indonesia
  • I want to live abroad full time and if this happened to be via the Peace corps I would be okay with that
  • I'd like to be married and have kids notice that was plural
  • I'd like to learn another language
  • I'd like to take piano lessons again
  • I'd like to take ballroom dance lessons and yes I realize this shouldn't be difficult considering Markus' folks own a dance studio in Madison
  • I'd like to drive cross-country and visit all the kitschy tourist traps and the glorious ones like the Grand Canyon
  •  I'd like to watch The Godfather (all of them), Rocky (all of them), and all the best picture winners since the beginning of time.

I'll come back to this...

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  1. A few thoughts:

    1. Good luck with Julia. Maybe you should start with Sandra Lee or Paula Deen. Their ingredients are sure to be at the Winn-Dixie! :)

    2. I would love to help you with your cabinets. I do love a good craft.

    3. Let's take piano lessons together!