We're "Regulars" (!!!)

When Markus and I first visited Northampton, the weekend before my interview on May 20, 2013 - yes I keep up with dates like that - we had breakfast at Sylvester's Restaurant.

Little did we know that two years later our favorite waitress, Caitlin, would refer to us as "regulars". It was all we could do to contain our excitement until she walked away to put our orders in.

To be honest I think Markus would prefer to be considered a regular at a few other establishments around town, specifically those with PBR on tap... But he was pleased enough with our very first brunch spot.

Caitlin told us she was moving to Alaska for the summer season and although she was super pumped, she was not happy to leave behind her cat, Biscuit. Another cat person! Yaaassss. I knew what Biscuit would look like, I just had this feeling - but before jumping right into Biscuit's business, we asked Caitlin what her plan was, where she would be based, when she would be back, etc. and then, "Caitlin, what color is Biscuit?"

Side note: Do y'all know my dream is to have a second cat, an orange cat, named #cornbreadbiscuit? Get ready...

Biscuit is exactly as I pictured, orange and white and adorable. I don't know how she'll manage being away for months and yes, I did think about offering to cat-sit but assumed she had that pre-arranged considering she was leaving in two weeks. 

Who would have thought we would be considered regulars somewhere this early into our tenure in Noho?

"Um....don't you guys go there like, every weekend?" No. Lately we've been rotating with Jake's.


I let Markus read this post before I published it. He said, "I would like to be considered a regular at places that sell PBR on tap instead of somewhere that sells biscuits, but whatever, I'll take it"

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  1. 1. I can totally hear you asking the waitress about her cat.
    2. MOVE BACK HOME!!!!!