If you've kept up with my blog, you know by now that I grew up in what some might call: predominantly Islamic countries. Many have always feared for my families safety in these "predominantly Islamic countries". I have never felt safer anywhere else. It should come as no surprise that I am an open individual when it comes to race and religion.

People who don't know me, don't know that about me. So, they don't know that I might not react the same way they do when it comes to certain topics like: global warming, immigration, France, but more importantly for this post: the fear of Islam overtaking the world. To be quite honest, I have many Muslim friends who live their lives just as faithfully if not more faithfully than my "Christian" friends. But, I'm not going to make this an argument about religion, about who is right or wrong, what path you should take - I am not one to force my values or beliefs on anyone and I will not do that here.

I received an email from someone who my office has done business with. I had never personally communicated with the organization until joining our team full time this past January. We set up a week stay for some students from a university in the U.K. to come over and perform Katrina relief work on the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas. Over the course of the exchange I might have sent and received a total of 7 emails regarding our business transaction/schedule...and it was the last email I received, after all was said and done, that bothered me the most.

The subject was "THIS IS WORTH WATCHING!!!!!!!"

The text body said:

Watch this before they take it down...

I've exhausted searches on the internet and found that the info seems to be true, as far as available data is available. Why it isn't the topic of the day is surprising.

Log on and watch this video in privacy as soon as possible, as it will surely be hacked and brought down when it is discovered by extremists as they surely won't want us to know this info. If possible, save to your hard drive so that you may send it yourself in case that happens. I have verified that it is currently virus free, but make sure your virus scanned is on when watching it.

It is VERY disturbing info that all Americans should see - Democrat & Republican. This is a not a slam against our government or our President, it is something we need to understand and rally around ourselves.

[Link deleted]

It is info that you may want to pass on to your Pastor, so that they may pass it on themselves. I understand that some Pastors are playing this in Sunday services across the nation and building a series of Sunday sermons around it. Do with it as you seem fit.

Feel free to reply with whatever feedback with how it makes you feel. Absolutely pass this email on to your list of email addresses.

Thank you for your attention.

Immediately I thought, "I probably shouldn't watch this..." The person who uploaded the video goes by "FriendOfMuslim". I knew it would likely irritate me. So, of course curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on the link.

The video started out with facts (all facts go un-cited, I might add) concerning the reproduction rate of various nations. Several in Europe, the Middle East and then also in Canada and the U.S. Apparently a certain reproduction rate must be reached for a population to sustain its culture. And the frightening point this video attempts to get across is that the Islamic world nations are reproducing twice as fast as the United States. "Our children's world will be unlike anything we experience in our world today".

What's interesting is that suddenly the United States' "culture" includes the Latino population (because they are predominently Catholic) - which I find amusing because the people who made and believe this video likely do NOT consider the Latino population of the U.S. as "their own" [white] culture...well, until the threat of the Islamic world is upon us, as this video portrays.

Is that what some call a double standard? I'm not sure...

From all of the "facts" and quotes in this video, the message I received was: if you are Christian, go out and procreate. We must sustain our population. The Islamic world will take over if we do not continue to reproduce our race/religion.

Now, tell me how that makes sense...? I can't go out and procreate in my current single state - that would be frowned upon, wouldn't it - but if it were in the name of "sustaining our culture"?

What the video fails to address is the question of, "why is Islam the largest growing religion world wide?" Why?

I didn't respond to the email, although I spent a good 30 minutes coming up with various responses, but none of them could explain why this forward was so offensive to me without offending the person who sent it to me. And, my point is not to offend - ANYONE.

Please, remember to think about who you forward things to - especially when you don't know the recipient from Adam...we all know what ass-u-me'ing does to a person. And, if you are going to foward a message, it might be good to check the facts, and ask certain questions...

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