Couldn't blog over the vacay - but I think I may have figured out how to post blogs on the go, we'll see next time. For now, here's the latest on the v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n.


Well we finally found our hotel. Gotta love google maps on the blackberry.

Joe asked if I was joking when we approached the door. The place looked like it had been deserted. Not just that, it looked unfinished. Read: drywall, concrete floors, paint splotches, drop cloths, dust, tape around the door handle.

Well, we had nothing to do but give it a go!

Enter Jess and Joe. Hello reception desk. We were surprised to see a computer. A man, dressed quite nicely, greeted us with a wide smile, as if the room around him was nothing to take note of.

"Bienvenue madame Lamb, votre chambre est 106, sur la premiere etage, l'acenseur ne marche pas maintenant, vous pouvez prendre les escaliers, a votre droit. Bonsoiree."

Translation: Welcome, Miss Lamb, your room is 106 on the first floor, the elevator is currently out of service (no, really?) you may take the stairs to your right.

We warily accepted our key, and turned to our right. There were drop cloths draped over everything, and a dark hallway that looked like it might contain a staircase but it was so dark you literally could not see your feet.

In an excited nervousness I asked, "Joe...where ARE we??? You'll never let me pick the hotel ever again!"

We trucked-it-up the stairs, into a newly carpeted hallway that looked promising. Upon opening the door to room 106 it was like entering another world. Cool, comfortable, small-but-chic, clearly newly renovated. The bathroom was ultra modern, marble, with one of those "rain" showers-you know the kind you always see on TV and wonder how delightful it would be to have one of your own? Let me tell you it is as magical and relaxing as the advertisements.

I suppose it makes sense to re-do the bedrooms first and then move on to the lobby and breakfast area. But goodness, there could have been some forewarning like, "pardon us while we make over our lobby".


Joe and I trucked it back to our "quaint" hotel...renovations still occurring. However, elevator worked last night! Yep, in fact we were ushered in to it even though our room was only on the first floor.

Too bad it didn't work this morning when we got in it (it was 5AM London time, so I wanted to take the elevator one flight - give me a break). The concierge had to pry the doors open to get us out, and we weren't on a proper level, we had to jump down from the elevator.

I still made it to my train on time. And what a great guy that Casanova - he rode all 15 stops with me on the metro, out of his way.


It was too short. We did a lot of nothing, which was such an awesome feeling after the crazy month/s we've both had. Our last night in Paris we met up with Andrew Bueno (student coordinator at The Abbey from 2004 - when I was a student) and Marina Louvet (my French prof from 2004 at the Abbey) for dinner/drinks - what an awesome evening with them at the Lizard Lounge in Le Mirais.

Now, it's a slow day (thank goodness) in London, just waiting for students to roll back in from their mini-break to check back into their rooms. Hopefully the week will remain uneventful.

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