My last Monday in Mississippi, for a while.

I woke up this morning with that feeling of my impending departure in the pit of my stomach.

"This is my last Monday in MS for a while," wandered through my mind. I thought a run would rid it, but I'm still feeling the funk.

Maybe writing it down will help? I haven't blogged in a while. You'd think this TCK would be used to these feeling by now. Also, I haven't had any coffee yet this morning.

Holy crap I still have so much to do before I fly. Professionally and personally.

There are those people you want to be sure to spend time with before you go. There's the bitter feeling of never having enough time with my folks in the summers because I am always gone for the month of July. I always miss the Neshoba County Fair and that's starting to get real old real fast. 

Boo-hoo, Jessi, you're going to freaking LONDON. 

Yup. I am. And going there with 158 students, 12-ish faculty, 2 staff, multiple guests and visiting professors is a hell-of-a lot different than going for a vacay. So stop rolling your eyes. 

What's even more is that I've spent the last many weeks preparing for this program, and it's not even close to being over yet - the work is only just beginning. However I will say I do feel more prepared for this round than the last three...that's nice. It doesn't take away from the approaching load, though. 

Boo this feeling.

It's that feeling of wanting to make sure you tie up loose ends before you take off for six weeks. There are the usual friends you want to be sure to spend time with, even though you never say "goodbye" only, "see you later". They are friends who are equally as used to you departing as you are.

There are the family members you already don't see on a regular basis, but really won't see now - especially the one who lives with you and might not be there when you get back. Don't really want to come to grips with that.

And then there's that "anonymous friend". The one you weren't expecting to be a part of your life, certainly not in this very large way, completely unexpected. There are a lot of things you don't want to admit about that one. Nope.


It'll be fine, duh. All of it. But that doesn't mean I can't have all the thoughts I'm having.

Once you get past all the above - it's really quite thrilling. London for a month. Boom! Work hard for a month, and then shut down for two weeks. Two weeks of vacation traveling around London, Paris, Pontlevoy and Erlangen with the aforementioned "anonymous friend". Epic, it will be. You can be jealous. 

Just don't forget all this does come with a roller coaster of emotions. 

Good thing I have my head screwed on straight. Right?


  1. Oh Jessie, you will be fine! This is who you are...a traveler. I don't think you would make it in one place the rest of your life! :) Have fun and be safe! Drink some good coffee for me!

  2. Day at a time. All shall be well. I feel you on the up and down emotions though. Transitions are hard, even when you're used to them. But we're not going to a deserted island w/o comm, so that's good, right? And there will be PE and vino breaks. And before you know it, it will be time for your personal adventure travel. See you soon hon, and fly safe!