Lunch at the beauborg...

I'm sitting at a café, Bistro du Centre, facing the Pompidou Centre. The sun is peeking through the clouds, wind lightly blowing, it's 70 degrees. I took my time finishing a salade campagnard: lettuce, cantal cheese, jambon de pays, potatoes, croutons, tomate...as always, served with a side of baguette. And un quart du vin blanc. I can't decide on dessert. I'm slowly sipping the rest of my sauvignon. It's funny how I don't mind cigarette smoke while I'm eating when I'm in Paris. There is a Chinese American family in front of me. When I ordered my lunch the waiter continued with me in French. I was pleased. It's such fun speaking a second language. It feels like I'm walking around with a secret. When the family in front of me ordered 2 coffees and a sprite, he reverted to English, they were grateful. A musician playing the Spanish guitar just set up right in front of the café. He's fantastic. I ordered the dessert du jour: tarte poire amandine. I'm sure I'll have a coffee before it's over. The café is full now and I'm thankful for my terrace table providing a view of the centre, the passerbys, the musician, even the pigeons chasing a piece of bread floating in a puddle of water. The tarte was sensationelle. I ordered un grand crème. And some water. I think the waiter enjoys it every time I ask from something new. The musician left , i gave him a coin. The bill will be next. And then I think I will walk up to Montmartre.

It just hit me, I'm leaving the same café Staci and I enjoyed a coffee one of the days we were in Paris together.

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  1. Oh how I needed to read that! I'm sitting in my office, with a stack of contracts to review and a very large project looming over my head. While my heart hurts because I miss Paris so much, it was nice to escape with you for a minute or two vicariously. Je t'aime ma chérie, et tu me manques.XOXO