THE story. Yes, THAT one.

Yes, this is the part when I tell you how Markus proposed. We were folding laundry. No joke.

I've decided I can't be bothered to film myself telling the story, so I will write it down. I'm quite certain my written word will be even better than the oral history version at this point, like all good books, you know, it's always better on paper? 

I really should let Markus tell this story, because it was his plan, after all, or lack thereof that made it perfect but y'all know I'm going to tell it better, right!? Unfortunately he's not here right now so I will save him the time and type it all out. You're welcome.

April 13th we ran a half marathon I can't believe it either in Nashville, TN and it rained the. whole. time. Not to mention, it was about 45 degrees. It was an experience but we survived. I didn't know this at the time obviously but Markus had the ring in his suitcase the entire time we were in Nashville with our friends, he just never found the right moment to pop the question. 

Considering the weather and near death experience from the weekend, I was ill Monday and worked from home. Later that evening, after a day of fussing and griping and bossing orders, I asked Markus to help me fold some laundry.

I should probably mention that earlier in the day Markus also took out my garbage, washed my dishes and straightened the living room. And no, I did not ask him to do any of those things, he just does things like that for me and I know his mother is gasping as she reads this right now (you did great, Urs!)

As Markus gathered up dryer sheets from the remaining pile of laundry and headed to the kitchen to throw them away, I tossed some dish towels at him and said, "Here, while you're in there, you can fold these up and put them away."

I know what you're thinking. Just remember I WASN'T FEELING WELL.

He retorted, "I can, can I?"

Suddenly I realized what a you-know-what I was being and felt awful. 

"Markus," I said as I reached up to hug his neck, "I am sorry. Thank you so much for being so wonderful. You are so good to me, I love you and I do appreciate you, I really do, I'm sorry."

Markus held me tight and in all his modesty said, "you just can't get enough of me, can you!?"

"No, I really can't" I agreed as we parted. 


It was right there, as we broke away from our embrace, Markus reached in to his pocket whilst saying three little words: "On that note..."


Woah. Hold your horses everyone, he was just putting the dryer sheets he had picked up in to his pocket. 

But what did he mean, "On that note..."? Why did he say that? 

It was clear I thought one thing that wasn't, and turned around to put the finishing touches on my laundry, a little disgruntled and confused. 

I turned back towards him and asked, "but what did you mean on that note?!?" And he stood there grinning, shaking, and holding something in his hand. 

A box. A purple box. 

"What IS that?" what is that? "What is that? What. Is. That?" It's earrings, he's just poking fun at me making me think it's something else, it has to be earrings "Markus, what IS that?"

Laughing, he opened the box. It wasn't earrings folks. It was a ring. A RING!

"REALLY? really? wait, really?" Over and over, that's all I could say, "really?" I asked repeatedly. "You. Want to marry. Me?" really? "Like. Forever." really?

Markus, grinning from ear to ear and still shaking, "would it make it more real if I got down on one knee?"


I finally stopped asking if he really meant it, and said YES!


  1. "...and he did, y'all!" You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl :-) Congrats again, TCK Jessica.

  2. I love this story!!!!! Please incorporate dryer sheets into your wedding! hahah!!!

  3. I'm glad I stumbled upon this. That is soooooo Markus. I can literally here him saying all those words AND his inflections. I told him already, but I'm very happy for y'all.