New beginnings...

You may think this post has to do with a wedding. Weddings are all about new beginnings, and there is one approaching, after all.

But that's not why I am writing today. This post has nothing to do with a wedding.

I'm moving. To Massachusettes. Massacheusetts. Massachusetts. I'll learn to spell it soon enough.


That's right. Northampton, MA to be exact. Or NoHo. And contrary to the email I sent friends and family, it is NOT South of Boston and NYC. It is west of Boston and North of NYC. I will also learn my geography of the area soon enough. Geeze, give me major cities in any other country and I'm fine. 

I accepted a position with a study abroad provider and I will be working within their customized programs division. Read: planning, logistics, communicating, and international travel. All things I love to do!

Before you overwhelm me with questions, allow me to share the conversation I just had with my Bebe (grandmother):

Hey Bebe, what'cha doin?


Hey Beeb, can you hear me?

Oh, yes, I can hear you. 

You been napping?

No, I'm not doing much of anything, just sittin'.

Did you work in the garden today?

No, I was at bible school all day

Oh, okay, well...Bebe, I'm callin' because I have some news to share with you.


I have a new a job.


It's close to Elliot [Elliot, cousin, lives in NYC]

Close to Elliot? Where close to Elliot? 


Who is this?

It's Jessica!

Jessica? You have a new job?


In Massachusetts?

Yes...[silence]...I'm really excited.

Lard lard, what part? 


At a college?

No. With a company.

When do you go?


July?! This July!?

Yes. But I probably won't move up until August with all my stuff. Daddy will drive me up.

Well why didn't you go a little far off?
I wondered why I didn't hear from you recently.
Now I know.
My my.

There have been several other conversations somewhat similar. People are shocked, surprised, excited, confused, sad, so many emotions! And these emotions are not unbeknownst to me.

For now I will just say this - YES, it has come together quite quickly. But this is not something I just started thinking about - come on folks, I think through things before most even realize it's something to think about. And it is not a decision I made alone. To put it plainly, I have been talking to this company since October about possibilities, not ever thinking something would actually work out. Not really thinking I would ever actually leave Hattiesburg. And then, that thought terrified me, never leave? Get out now!

The job I accepted isn't even the one I interviewed for, it's even better suited for me! I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't certain it was the right thing to do; if I didn't have the love and support of my handsome and amazing fiancĂ©e whom I cannot wait to have this adventure with; if I didn't know hands down it is the perfect time to make a move even if it's the worst time in some ways too - there's NEVER a GOOD time!; if I didn't know the encouragement, congratulations, support would overwhelmingly flow our direction and that's what gets people through life events like these.

There are already so many stories to share and they will come in due time.

And don't worry, there will be posts related to a wedding, too, eventually...as the planning continues from a distance.

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