Where to even begin??

I have started this post multiple times and just can't seem to get it written before something else happens that I want to tell you about, so I'll stick with the highlights:

1. I love my new job.

2. I love our new apartment but will love it even more when our stuff gets here (tomorrow night).

3. I will love #2 ten thousand times more when my sweet fiancée arrives!

4. I learned how to light our gas oven thank you Bebe and was able to cook a pizza which meant no more pretzels and hummus for dinner.

5. Our grocery store is to die for...
(Exhibit A) and the entire section wouldn't even fit in the frame!
6. Not only is there a fantastic cheese section, but there is also an international wine section the real stuff, not the under 4% alcohol content or whatever it is they sell back home and a full deli, cake-making-shop, florist, salad bar and SUSHI! I couldn't resist the salmon-mango-avocado-brown-rice-roll. Delicious!

7. People are FRIENDLY! No, this doesn't really *shock* me per se because I'm a likable person, duh but people are actually interested in how my day was and curious to know why I just moved here and where from and then they want to share all sorts of winter weather advice #winteriscoming

8. There's a random what-appears-to-be-a-homeless-maybe-hippies-of-some-kind folk-ish band that plays on the sidewalk every day during my walk home.

9. Did I already mention I can WALK to work? I didn't even mind it in the rain the other day.

10. I live above a coffee shop and my barista is so welcoming every morning when I enjoy a cup at 7am before walking to work. However, said cup of coffee is a whopping $2.50 so I doubt I'll be making a habit out of that once my coffee maker arrives this weekend

11. There's so much to DO! There's an awesome music scene...we could see a new band practically every night if we really wanted to. Don't forget Rosco Bandana is coming at the end of this month! And we could eat at a new restaurant every week on date night for years or so it seems. PS, Markus Jones, that's starting once we're "settled".

Side note: Our zip code is 01060. Does that mean we were the one-thousand-and-sixtieth zip code to be formed in the United States? That would make Hattiesburg thirty-nine-thousand-four-hundred-and-one-th!

I have to stop for the night, I'm tired and have another day of work tomorrow #TGIF, y'all! yet I can't help but feel like I've let you down! There's just so many things still to say, stories to tell...and more things will happen it'salljustsoexcitingIdon'tknowwhatodoaboutit! But it can wait. Stay tuned...

PS: Kudzu wanted to share her own thoughts and progression of feelings about this relocation to Noho, too:

Kudzu on the plane <I curse you>
Kudzu loves looking out the kitchen door! <I shun you>
Kudzu loves to climb! <Hey look, something high>
This is Kudzu's world, I just pay rent. <I guess it ain't so bad>

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