We got the apartment!

We got the apartment! Our new address is solidified! Now, on to the move.

Wait, I'm in London.


That's right, London. As in the United Kingdom. As in, where our forefathers were birthed and fled. Dont' worry, they've basically forgiven us for all that mess at this point.

For the past 10 days I have been the "launch specialist" for a study abroad program I've been managing for the last five years over here. Since I accepted a new position in Massachusetts, I can spell it now! I agreed to come over for a few days to help get things rolling. As soon as I arrived, I started questioning my sanity in this decision.

I fly home tomorrow, so I might as well say, "on with the move", but it technically won't start until I get hom. Let me give you the short-hand run down of what that entails:

Wednesday, July 3 in the evening:
  • Arrive home to Jackson Evers "International" Airport
  • On way home swing by County Line Road to pick up wedding dress which has arrived
  • Dinner with family in Brandon
Thursday, July 4:
  • Leave car in Brandon, drive to Philadelphia, MS with sister and bro-in-law and Kudzu for family gathering
  • Drive to Hattiesburg 
  • Finally get to see Markus after two weeks apart
Friday, July 5:
  • Finish packing up house in Hattiesburg
  • Pack up Kudzu
  • Drive to O.S.
Saturday, July 6:
  • Finish packing up Markus' house
Sunday, July 7:
  • Pack up Kudzu for airplane
  • Drive to Gulfport
  • Fly to Springfield/Hartford airport, CT
  • Rent car
  • Drive to Noho
  • Move in apartment (only if key situation works out), otherwise stay with coworker/boss/friends? Clearly that step isn't set in stone quite yet.
Monday, July 8:
  • Start new job


  1. This.is.insane.
    Please don't go!!!

  2. Whew! I'm tired just reading it, but you are young and have the most energy I've ever seen in someone, smile. Here's wishing you luck!