This is when *it* gets real...

So we found a place to live and grow more and more excited about it as the moments pass. Of course we didn't measure anything and the square footage is missing from the details listed online, so we attempted to draw a floor plan from memory. This was our best one, drawn in the Atlanta airport on our way home yesterday I added some words in pink to help you navigate:

Drawing not to scale

Now *it* gest real, if you know what I mean. Condensing from two houses to a ONE bedroom apartment might be the most challenging part of this whole ordeal actually, taking Kudzu to Mass via plane might top this challenge, stay tuned.

Markus asked me before I accepted the position if I was "prepared to live under one roof" with him "without a Stopher or a Ben to call" to come get him when I'm tired of him and need him to get out of the house. My response was, "Markus, whether we live in Hattiesburg, MS or Timbuktu, living together is going to be a challenge for both of us".

Deciding which furniture to take, where to put things in the apt, merging styles...yikes!

Nevertheless we're just happy and excited to have a new place, and to begin our life together awwww.

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